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Nothing makes my heart melt quite like weddings. I ALWAYS cry. There’s just something about two people starting this new life together. They have stars in their eyes are full of hopes and dreams, unable to see the trials and hurdles that loom ahead. But I know they’re coming and maybe that’s why the tears. Or maybe it’s having personal knowledge of everything the couple had to endure to even reach the altar. Or maybe I’m nothing but a hopeless romantic.

Getting married is serious business with me. It means commitment and determination, to stand side by side for the long haul and find joy in being with the person you love.

My parents married during the Depression on April 14, 1934. They were homeless and lived in a migrant camp. Mama had to borrow a pair of shoes from one of the women because she didn’t own any and she wore an old dress. Daddy wore overalls. They faced hard times aplenty. But they stuck together and weathered every storm.

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I’ve had two marriages and both spouses have passed over. Neither were a piece of cake, but I faced both good times and bad with them.

I love writing wedding scenes into my stories and have quite a few times. In fact, I wrote two of them into TWICE A TEXAS BRIDE. A very private one out of necessity and the second to proclaim their deep love and devotion to the world. In FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE that will be out on Dec. 1, Brett Liberty and Rayna Harper yearn to marry more than anything but hate and prejudice stands in the way and Brett refuses to bring the danger that surrounds him to his one and only love. You’ll be happy to know that while I didn’t write the actual scene, they do marry and have a happily ever after.


Happy endings are the heart and soul of romance, both real and fictional. They have to work very hard for it though. It’s not just handed to them. Have you ever wondered what happened to the handsome prince and Cinderella after the glass slipper fit and they ran toward the golden carriage?

I have. I wonder if the king welcomed her or disowned his son for marrying a commoner? I choose to believe (maybe it’s the romantic in me) that soon after, the prince and Cinderella became king and queen and that they had many children.

But getting back to my subject…I also cry when I write wedding scenes into my books. Though in these instances it’s no mystery. It’s because they’ve gone through so much in order to stand before the preacher. Frankly, I really put my characters through the wringer and make them earn their happy ending.

Christmas boot ornamentSo how about you? Do you get a big lump in your throat and tears well up in your eyes at weddings? Or maybe it doesn’t affect you. In which case, tell me about a wedding you attended.

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Weddings and Romance — 20 Comments

  1. I love weddings. I usually tear up but that’s about it. I love to see their love for each other and feel fortunate to be part of their special moment.

    • Hi Tiffany……Thanks for coming to visit! I love having you. I think you nailed the main reason for tearing up. Seeing two people in love just makes my heart so full and I get a lump in my throat. Love is hard to find and when it happens it’s reason to celebrate.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing for my ornament.

    • Hi BN……..Thanks for coming! I’ve missed you. Thanks for your comment.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing.

  2. Same as you, weddings leave my eyes brimming with joyful tears. Last Christmas my brother Trophy and one of my schoolmates and a dear family friend, Debra, married. It was a beautiful Cowboy Christmas wedding. I was so happy for both of them to have finally of found happiness. I couldn’t help but cry and be over whelmed by the happiness and joy they both had finally found.

    • Hi Tonya…….Wonderful to see you! Thanks for stopping by. I love your comment. How wonderful to see your brother and dear friend happy and totally in love. That’s so romantic. You just know when two people belong together. My oldest daughter got remarried last February after 10 years of being divorced. She’d been looking and waiting for the right guy. She was determined to get it right this time. And she did. Her husband is so sweet and caring and loving. They belong together.

      You have a wonderful day, dear!

      • How wonderful of your daughter to have found the right guy. I wish them many years of happiness.

        • Thanks, Tonya. She really went through a bad deal with the first one. Made the second wedding all the sweeter. On the wedding day, nothing went right. It snowed 6 inches, no one delivered the cake or flowers and the groom’s tux disappeared. But they laughed through it all. They were so happy to finally be together. I wish your brother and his bride all the best.

          • Hi Linda- I think it’s the imperfect weddings where nothing goes as planned or the laid back weddings where anything & everything goes, that are the most cherished. I’m glad your daughter and her husband have wonderful memories to share and laugh about. Priceless

  3. I love weddings and always cry!! I love the ritual and the vows and the commitment.

    • Hi Kristy……..Wow, I haven’t seen you in a while! Thank you for coming over. This is so nice. You sound like me. I always make sure I have tissues handy. Ha! You’d think I was going to a funeral. I think I’m a hopeless case.

      Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

  4. I never go to wedding, I am sorry to say. I think the last wedding I went to was my own 31 years ago.

    • Hi Quilt Lady……Wow, that is a long time! My goodness. Maybe you should crash a wedding and pretend to be a guest. I think that would be fun. But just to see the love on the bride and groom’s face. It’s so touching.

      Have a great week, my dear!

  5. Linda, I love a good romance and a lovely wedding. I liked the inclusion of your parents’ marriage in this blog. It’s always interesting to me to learn about an author’s back story.
    I wish you all the best and continued success in all you do.

    • Hi Sarah……..Thank you so much for coming! I’m delighted to see you. Love, romance and weddings….yes, they are certainly something to savor. You know, I just had to mention my parents. They didn’t have anything but each other. They faced such hardship but endured it all side by side. That’s what marriage is about. Not running when things get tough.

      I wish you much success also and so much happiness always.

  6. Most of the time weddings just make me feel joyful. I will admit, however, that I got misty-eyed when my son married last August.:-)

    In the books that I read, marriage or an engagement needs to be part of the HEA ending for me to be totally satisfied. I love book weddings!

    • Hi Cheryl C……..Thank you for coming over. I enjoy your comments. I’m sure your son had a very lovely wedding. It’s hard to let go of our sons. With daughters you know you’ll always have them. But sons usually go their separate ways with their bride. Just different. I wish them every happiness and much love.

      I agree on book weddings. That really gives the perfect ending. In the book I’m writing the hero marries the bride without ever seeing her. He doesn’t meet her beforehand and at the wedding she wears a thick heavy veil. He has no idea what he’s getting. A bit different from the norm.

      Have a great week and good luck in winning the ornament.

        • Cheryl, this book won’t come out until 2017 unless Sourcebooks moves it up. And this is actually the second one in my new Men of Legend series. This story is has so many surprises–especially in the beginning. For those who say my books start out too slow, this should silence them. Ha!

  7. I haven’t been to a wedding in what feels like forever. And if one can’t go to a wedding, then the next best thing is reading about one. Very much looking forward to reading Brett and Rayna’s story!