The Beauty of Life

Some things never fail to put a lump in my throat or make my breath catch. I know you have some too. With me, it can be either especially moving words or pictures.

A brawny man tenderly holding a newborn or with his child.


Cowboy and babycowboy and little boy

Newborn animals.


baby calf and mother

An elderly couple protecting and loving each other.

Old People In Loveold-couple-holding-hands-new

The beauty of a sunset or sunrise.

windmill sunset


A memory I hold dear of family members who are on the other side now.










A particularly moving song.

The United States (and or Texas) flag waving proudly in the breeze.

4th of Julysm









A majestic mountain with snow-capped peaks.



An animal that shows love for one that’s not in its species.

Puppie and kittenhuggers








The shy smile of a child.

shy babyshy








An Animal Seeking Comfort

Sleeping Puppybaby monkeys

I have lots more but I’ll stop here. I love these unexpected moments that spring from nowhere and make me pause to soak it in. They add depth to my soul and deepen my appreciation for life.

About LindaBroday

I'm a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of western historical romance. I love stories of the old West and the people who once lived there. I haunt libraries and museums and can hang out in them for hours. To tell all the stories that are in my head would take a lifetime.


The Beauty of Life — 8 Comments

  1. Linda- this just melted my heart, I love your blogs. You speak right to my heart.

    • Tonya, I’m so glad you enjoyed the pictures. It’s amazing how we love the same things. Thanks for coming.

    • Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for coming. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Each picture touches a different part of my heart.

  2. I have to agree with you on all of these choices. Some other pictures that are emotional for me – American soldiers, laughing children, a man and woman gazing into each other’s eyes after the birth of their child, dogs greeting a beloved master after a long absence, Christian illustrations of Bible verses, beauty in nature, and so many other things.

    • Hi Cheryl C…….Thank you for coming. Wow, you pointed out lots that I didn’t include. Huge emotional triggers for me all. I get a big lump in my throat when I see a bone weary soldier covered in sweat and mud and blood. One of my granddaughters has a big black-mouth cur and when he looks at her with such love in his eyes, I want to cry. Enjoy your week, my friend.

  3. Lovely pics and I will agree with you on all of them. There is nothing more precious then babies and baby animals. A stray cat had kittens last summer in my front yard. We had four little kittens trying to find homes for them. I wasn’t going to keep any of them but guess what I am a cat owner now. I ended up getting very attached to these kittens and yes I kept one of them.

    • Hi Quilt Lady…..Or maybe I should say Catslady. Ha! It doesn’t take much for the little things to wiggle into your heart. I’m glad you kept one.