From a mysterious town hidden on the banks of Big Cypress Bayou in the swamps of East Texas comes TEXAS REDEMPTION. This story is a reissue of Redemption that came out in 2005 and I’m so excited to have it back into readers’ hands on February 7th.

Two brothers…one woman…and a final chance for Redemption.

Brodie Yates, known as legendary spy Shenandoah during the Civil War, has been hunted for four long years by the U.S. army.  The army doesn’t appear to know the war ended and is anxious to make him pay for his crimes. But Brodie is weary of it all and decides to go home to see this brother one last time. Redemption is a good place to make a final stand.

Laurel James lost her heart years ago to Shenandoah so her engagement to Redemption’s town mayor and banker is merely a business proposition. It’s a chance to redeem her soul and cleanse it of her sordid past. She can gain respectability and be able to look at herself in mirror again. Everything’s perfect…until Shenandoah rides into town and strides into the small café that Laurel co-owns.

One glance tells her that she’s still in love with him. There’s no denying it.

Then she’s shocked to discover that he’s the mayor’s brother—Brodie. He seems determined to wreck her safe life, threatening to tell his brother that she worked in a brothel during the war. He gives her three days to break off the engagement.

Only outlaws ride in and hold up the bank, shooting her fiancé. From there, the twists and turns take you on an exciting ride and it’s anyone guess who’ll come out on top.

One brother offers respect and redemption. The other his heart. Which will she choose?

For an excerpt on this site, click HERE.

I think the setting definitely enhances this story. It’s sultry, dark, and mysterious—brooding even. Does the setting make any difference to you in a book?

I’m giving away (3) copies, print or e-book, so leave a comment.


TEXAS REDEMPTION and Giveaway! — 35 Comments

  1. Linda- I’m super excited to be revisiting this book again. I’m so glad you’re re-issuing it with a new title and a beautiful cover. Everyone will be excited to read about Brodie & Laurel. Enjoy your launch day when it arrives. Love you sister friend.

    • Hi Miss Tonya….I’m excited to share this with everyone. It didn’t get the notice it deserved back in 2005.

      Love you, sister friend! 🙂

  2. I am anxiously awaiting this book. So happy to see such a beautiful cover. Love that you are re-issuing this book!

    • Hi Dale…….Thank you for coming. I’m excited to get Brodie’s and Laurel’s special love story in readers’ hands again. I think you’ll love it. This is my only stand-alone book. But I had originally planned to make it a series with Brodie’s brother and the girl that Laurel rescues from the saloon. Never got the chance. Maybe one day I can go back and do that.


      • That would be awesome to get back to the story! I know Tonya and I would absolutely LOVE it!!! LOL So happy Tonya introduced your wonderful books to me!!! What a joy they are to read. 🙂

        • Dale- I agree we would love another story with this book. I’m so glad you are living Kinda’s book. Just wait until Knight On The Texas Plains comes out this year, It’s wonderful.

  3. Oh I definitely need an autographed copy of this one to go with my 3 autographed Bachelors of Battle Creek books. If I win I promise to give the copy I have pre-ordered to our local library. LOVE LOVE your books!!!!

    • Hi Glenda……You always make laugh. Yes, an autographed copy is coming your way. I feel it in my bones.

      Much love and hugs!

    • Cheryl- I’m so happy that both you & Christi are starting to read Linda’s great books. You’ll be totally engulfed with her great books.
      Love you my sweet cousin.

    • Hi Cheryl……Thank you so much for coming! It’s great to have you. I’m happy, happy that you love what I write. My stories come from deep in my heart and the characters never leave–they’re all family to me as much as my real one. Only better because I don’t have to drive to visit with them! Ha!

      Have a wonderful day, dear friend!

  4. Oh Linda I can’t wait to read anything you have written. You are the author that brought me back to reading after years of thinking I just could not concentrate enough to read! Getting it free would just allow me to read it a whole lot sooner. Disability income is not a readers friend!

    • Hi Stephanie……Wow, I love having you. We share so much–this fight with MS and our love of books. I hear you on the low disability income. And you have children to provide for. I’m really glad I could get you reading again.

      Bless you, my friend!

      • Thank you so much! I’m so happy Tonya Lucas introduced me to your books! It is such a blessing to be reading again.

  5. Thank you for this opportunity. I haven’t been this interested in reading in years. You’ve peeked my curiosity with each chapter I read. Thank you Linda and also my cousin Tonya Lucas.

    • Awesome Christi, so glad you’ve started back to reading again. Linda is a fabulous author, she’s turning so many back to their passion in reading. Love you my sweet cousin.

    • Hi Christi……Thank you for coming! I’m happy, happy to have you. 🙂 I learned a long time ago that if you can’t hook a reader in the first chapter you’d better go back to the drawing board. It’s so crucial and I work hard to come up with something that will work. Thank God that I have the best editor in the world!

      Blessings to you and much love!

    • Hi Tonya Cherry…….I’m so glad you stopped by! 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy this story that I slipped in between my Men of Legend series. Brodie Yates (and yes, I got his last name from Rowdy Yates of Rawhide) and Laurel James will steal your heart. They have so much to overcome.

      Love and hugs!

    • Hi Shaun…….Thank you so much for stopping by to get in the drawing. Good luck! I think you might like this one.

      Have a wonderful day!

  6. I can’t wait to read another of your books Linda!!!! I have loved each one I’ve read. Your words transform me each and every time.

    • Hi Debra…..I hope you’re doing well. It’s great to see you. I’m overjoyed that Tonya Lucas got us together. She’s such an amazing person and books are her obsession. I’m really glad you love what I write. My stories transform me also. I change in some way with each one. They make me look at things differently or have more compassion. My characters are good teachers! 🙂

      Have a blessed day!

  7. I think the settings make all the difference in the world in a story. Like for instance, the Lone Star Ranch where The Men of Legend series took place. I could see it in my mind. Land that stretched forever, rough and unforgiving like the men who lived on it. 🙂 The setting in Texas Redemption is such a mysterious, yet beautiful place. Great post, sister!

    • Good morning, sister…….I agree about settings. I think a place can take on the life of a character. Look at Battle Creek, Texas in the Bachelor series. Readers loved that town and the quirky people.

      Much love and great big hugs! Hope the move goes well.

  8. Hi Linda Broday, My daughter Dale Stewart is a big fan of yours and has told me how much she enjoys your books. I used to be an avid reader but somewhere along the road I lost it. I would love to win your book and enjoy the thrill of reading it and using my imagination to bring “TEXAS REDEMPTION” to life.

    • Hi Evelyn…..Thank you for coming! I love Dale. She’s such an enthusiastic reader and I consider her a dear friend. Sometimes we do take a break from reading for whatever reason. I hope Texas Redemption brings that love back to you.

      Good luck and big hugs!

  9. Sorry I am running really late, I have been putting together a baby quilt, so have been very busy. I love your books so I can’t wait to read this one.

    • Hi Quilt Lady…..It sounds like you’ve been really busy but that baby quilt will be a treasure when you’re finished. I think you’ll love Texas Redemption.


    • Hi Elaine…..Welcome. I’m always happy to see a friendly face. I’m so excited that a friend recommended me. If you love historical western romance that’s a little gritty I think you’ll love Texas Redemption. This book has drama, adventure, and lots of romance.

      Good luck and big hugs!