Penelope Williamson: The Outsider

This western by Penelope Williamson has it all–forbidden passion, courage to follow where the heart leads, danger, adventure, lasting love. I was captivated by this book that released so long ago and I still am. They even made a movie out of it in 2002 and starred Tim Daly as gunslinger Johnny Gault. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times and I probably will more. If you haven’t read The Outsider, give it a try. This is a classic that will long remain the epitome of western romance.  

Penelope Williamson’s classic bestseller blends the best of historical western and Amish romance in a sweeping tale “sure to please any fan of good old-fashioned storytelling” (Library Journal).

A daughter of the faith…a stranger with a gun…a forbidden love.

The OutsiderThroughout the years on her Montana homestead, Rachel Yoder had never been afraid—the creed of the Plain People had been her strength. Then the day came when lawless men killed Rachel’s husband in an act of blind greed.

Now, at her darkest hour, an outsider stumbles into her life one cold, bitter day, almost dead from a bullet in his side. Instinctively, Rachel Yoder reaches out to help the stranger, for kindness was in her nature.

Johnny Cain is bloody, near death, and armed to the teeth. A man hardened by his violent past, Cain has never known a woman like Rachel—someone who offers him a chance to heal more than his physical wounds.

Cain’s lazy smile and teasing ways steal Rachel’s heart and confound her soul. Soon she must choose between all she holds dear—her faith, her family, perhaps her very salvation—and the man they call the Outsider.

Until then, life for Rachel Yoder had been a straight path, however brutal. She had come to Montana with her family and a scattering of other “Plain People,” an Amish sect which had fled the corrupting influences that threatened to destroy their simple way of life. In this wild new territory, she had married Ben Yoder, also raised as part of the sect, yet blessed with a passion and a humor that belied his severe upbringing. It was there too that she had borne him a son, Benjo, and shared his life as a sheep farmer.

The man she had rescued called himself Cain. He was handsome, with a haunting kind of male beauty that she found impossible to resist, even knowing he was a killer, as his named suggested. As she nursed him back to health, she became aware of the overpowering attraction she felt for him, aware of the warmth that filled her body when she was with him — but aware, too, of the danger that lurked behind eyes that had seen too much and a smile that offered secrets no Plain woman should ever know.

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This is on my keeper shelf. What’s on yours?

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Penelope Williamson: The Outsider — 10 Comments

  1. I loved her books and her sister’s as well (Candice Proctor aka C.S. Harris.)
    If I had a keeper shelf, Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer would be on it.

    • Hi Anon 1001! Thank you for coming over. Great to see you. I learned something I didn’t know–that C.S. Harris is her sister. Wow! Thank you for telling me. Yes, I agree about LaVyrle Spencer’s Morning Glory. I also have Forgiving. Love her books! I was so sad when she retired and quit writing.

      Thanks again, Anon!

  2. I have not read her work before but I will have to check this book, because it sounds like an awesome read.

    • Hi Quilt Lady! Thank you for stopping by to see what I put up new. I’m glad I piqued your interest. This is a wonderful western romance and sets a really high bar for us authors. Few come close to Penelope’s storytelling skills. You’ll fall in love with Johnny Cain whose name was changed to Johnny Gault in the movie. He’s one of the best gunslingers I’ve read.

      Thanks again for coming!

  3. I have seen the movie several times and just love it. Now that I know the book it is based on, well, have to have it!

    • Hi Nancy! Thank you for coming over. So happy to have you. Being a big fan of the movie version, you really need to read the book. Like you, I watched the movie first and then read the book. It worked well that way. The movie follows the book pretty closely except for the ending. That was a little different. And with the movie limitations they left a lot out. You’ll enjoy the whole story.

      Thanks again for coming!

  4. Sounds good. I just ordered it from Betterworld Books on Amazon (they support literacy by selling used books and library discards). I also found a nonfiction book I have been looking for. Don’t know when I will get to read them, but I will find the time.
    I have way too many on my keeper shelves. The first were Julie Garwood’s historicals, the first romances I read. Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series is there. Your Bachelors of Battle Creek series will be there once I get Brett’s story. I also have the all the anthologies in the Give me a Texan, Give Me a Texas Ranger, etc. series.

    • Hi Patricia! Thank you for coming! Glad I could tempt you with The Outsider. The thing I really loved about the book was Penelope’s skill at drawing pictures with words. She’s one of the best I’ve seen. Her descriptive words and phrases are wonderful. And of course, you can’t read the book without falling for Johnny Cain (Gault in the movie.)

      You have some great books on your keeper shelves. I’m thrilled to death that mine are there alongside Julie Garwood, Elizabeth Hoyt and many others of the best in the business.

    • Hi Cheryl! Glad you stopped by. You were the one who introduced me to the movie version of this book. It must’ve been in 2008. I remember it wasn’t long after we started P&P. I owe you a debt of thanks! My life wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t fallen in love with Johnny Gault.

      Big hugs!!