Only Eight More Days!

Well, it’s only eight more days to the release of KNIGHT ON THE TEXAS PLAINS! But who’s counting. For one…me. It’s always exciting when a new book comes out–even a re-issued one as is the case here. I first published this book in 2002. Very few things were online which really limited the exposure. There were no such things as blogs or even the Internet in most homes. About the only publicity was word or mouth and newspapers. The only promotion was autographings.

Here are some pictures from the very first one I did. It was at Books-a-Million in Wichita Falls and a lady came to buy my book. She told me that like Marley Rose (the baby in this book) she was won in a poker game. My mouth dropped open. I didn’t know that this had happened to anyone other than friend Juanita.

I can’t remember the scenerio but she stressed that she was very happy with the man who won her and his wife was a good mother to her. I simply can’t imagine.

It was exciting times back then. I did a lot of autographings and usually the whole family showed up.

Books-a-Million Wichita Falls, TX

The Book Rack Wichita Falls TX

West Texas Book Festival, Abilene, TX

Oaklea Mansion, Winnsboro, TX

My great niece, the real Marley Rose

Willie Nelson with Knight on the Texas Plains

I wonder what pictures and places are in store for me with the re-release of this book. I don’t think I can top these.

To win a copy of Knight on the Texas Plains with its beautiful new cover, tell me what draws your eye when you look at a cover. Is it the man and/or couple, the title, the colors–what catches your eye? 


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  1. Good morning beautiful Linda. WOW! I loved seeing that picture of Willie Nelson with the book! I absolutely LOVE him! My dad could be his doppelganger! haha I’ll have to send you a picture of my dad sometime to show you the similarities. I would have to say one thing that stands out for me on a book is definitely the if it has a great scene with a man and a woman embracing wearing clothes that would have been worn in the 1800 era then you’ve got my attention. Or an Indian scene from the same time period then you’ve got my attention. I definitely don’t go for the contemporary romance or if it just has words on it. My eyes just go right past it. Your book cover’s always seem to stand out to me. I LOVE them. They always draw my attention.

    • OOOH, and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!!!! <— can you tell I'm excited! lol 😀

    • Hi Dale……Thanks for coming over and joining the discussion about book covers. I’m glad you like mine. I think the designers at Sourcebooks do an outstanding job. I just adore Dawn Adams. She tries every single time to give me something special. Oh wow! I’d love to see a picture of your dad. He’s a handsome man!

      Much love!

  2. Linda- Wow, I loved all the photos you put up, how exciting and then to see our very own Texas born Willie Nelson looking at your book, what an awesome honor. I had the privilege to see him in concert at Billy Bobs back in ’89 and I set right next to the stage. I could literally reach my hand out and touch him. He put in a 3 1/2 hour phenomenal concert.
    What draws me in a cover is definitely the author’s name as well as the colors used. Then the couple or main theme of the cover. If it’s an author I love to read, then the cover could be a plain paper brown cover and I would purchase because I know what’s inside will be rewarding. If it’s an author I’m not familiar with, then it’s the colors used and the overall cover that will or not draw me. Congrats on getting this book re released, everyone’s in for a huge surprise. Have a great day.. love you Dearly. It’s back to work for me today!!

    • Hi Miss Tonya……I thought you’d like that picture of Willie. That was such a great opportunity. Jan and her husband Rick went to Shreveport to see him and she took my book. It hadn’t been out very long. I was beyond excited. For me, it’s a combination of the models and the title. I have to like both before I buy a book. I hate these ones that self-published authors are throwing on their books. They scream “amateur.” Colors are important but mainly it’s the models and title.

      I hope your day is going well. Love you!

  3. Eeeeekkkkkkk!!!! So very exciting!!! I’m beyond wiggles waiting for this book to arrive in my hands!!

    I absolutely ADORE the new cover— this definitely catches my attention more than the first one. But still! The cowboy would do it and the blurb sucked me in, so it still did it’s job. Love those pics from back in the day! Crazy to think how that was about 15 years ago and how much had changed! My way of getting new books was either by perusing the library or bookstore shelves. Now, I do most of that on goodreads and Amazon. Nice for getting the book instantly, sad for the missing atmosphere.

    Anyways, yellow and blue are two of my favorite colors, so that catches my eye initially, but what keeps me glued is the couple’s pose and her dress. I have often said if I had the chance to choose a different time to live, I’d chose this time (the wild west!). I love her dress (I’d so wear something like that) and the simple hard working reality. Yes, there were distractions, but yet, life in general may have been simpler. And the hold? By a man who looks like that?? Swoon!! That shows adoration and strength and love.

    Thanks for the chance to win!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • OH OH OH!!! *AND* how stinkin’ COOL is it that Willie Nelson was around and picked up your book!! eeeekk!! What a great memory! <3

      • Yeah, that was an amazing opportunity. My sister Jan was able to get this book in his hands and snap a picture. She and her husband were good friends with Willie. Just Amazing.

    • Hi Michelle……Boy, I was young back then! Kinda stylish though. I think I only had two outfits I autographed in. The black skirt and shawl and the white fringed blouse with the black skirt. That was it. Always boots. I just adore the new cover of Knight. To me, it’s just perfect. The colors, him, her, the dress. Oh yes, the dress! Outstanding. I think this is my favorite cover of all. I’d love to see you in that dress. You’d be oooo-la-la!

      You’re in the drawing! Good luck! Love you!

  4. Oh Linda I just can’t imagine someone telling me that the people that raised them won them in a pokergame. I just can’t imagine you meeting someone in your lifetime that this happened to! Talk about shock! I’m beyond excited that I won this book!! I can’t thank you enough for all the joy you’ve (and Tonya of course) brought into my life! Question about how old was the lady that was lost/won in a poker game? I’m just dumbfounded by this as you can probably tell! And woohoo Willie and your book how exciting is that!

    • Hi Stephanie……Great to see you. It was a shock when my playmate told me that. Even though I was probably around nine or ten I knew that was very wrong. I just felt so sorry for her. To answer your question, the lady at the booksigning was about 40 years old. Fairly young. It really caught me off guard. At first I didn’t know what to say. I was stunned. Yes, I’m pretty proud of my picture of Willie. That was an amazing picture.

      I hope you enjoy Knight on the Texas Plains. Love you, lady!

  5. This is such a beautiful cover. The thing that draws me the most is the tender look in Duel’s eyes and adoration in Jessie’s eyes. I don’t know that you can top those signings. You were on fire back then with excitement and anticipation. And, I’ll never forget the feeling of standing there and watching Willie open your book and start reading! Good luck with this re-release, sister! It’s the greatest story ever!

    • Hi Jan…..I agree about this cover. It’s just perfect–the colors, the models, the font. I think it’s my favorite of all. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have this picture of Willie. Huge thanks for your quick thinking back then. I really owe you! Love you very much, sister!

  6. I would say colors, then the couple, or person. But bright covers get me to look first.

    • Hi Veda……Thanks for coming. For me, if the title doesn’t grab me, I lay it down. I agree about bright colors. Much love and hugs!

    • Hi Allison……I’m so glad you stopped by. Yes, the couples do it. But they have to look well with their clothes on. I don’t like the half naked models.

      Good luck in the drawing!

    • Hi Quilt Lady…..Very interesting. I love hearing what readers look for in a cover and what makes them pick a book up. There have studies done on this.

      Good Luck in the drawing!