Oh Those Men With Mustaches!

I’ve always been a sucker for a man with a mustache. There I’ve said it. I think it makes them sexier and gives them a certain air of danger, especially cowboys. But for all my preferring them, I’ve never put any facial hair on the heroes of my books.

Here’s a secret. Editors and cover designers don’t like them. The main reason is that 3/4 of the men today are clean-shaven.

Another reason is that cover designers find it very difficult to get them right due to there being so many different styles and readers will definitely know if they get it wrong.

So here are some of my favorites:

Robert Redford

tom selleck2








1965, A portrait of the American film actor Paul Newman on the set of the film "Lady L" (Photo by Haynes Archive/Popperfoto/Getty Images)  Robert Duvall

john wayne

kevin costner

Clark Gable







Anson Mount Hell on Wheels

Kurt Russell







So there you have at least a partial list of my leading men. Maybe some of yours are showing. Or maybe you want to add one that’s not here. I’m all ears! Let’s talk mustaches.

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Oh Those Men With Mustaches! — 8 Comments

  1. My husband had one for over 30years and last year he decided out of the blue to shave it off. Our daughter had never seen him without one. It took awhile for us to get use to him. I love all these actors with one too

    • Hi Julie……Thank you so much for coming over to weigh in. Wonder what got into your husband to shave his off. Thirty years is a long time to wear one. Yes, I’m sure it was strange seeing him clean-shaven. Maybe he’ll decide to grow it back…again out the blue.

      I just love men with mustaches and beards as long as they’re neat and trimmed. Of the ones above, I’m less crazy about Kurt Russell’s.

      Have a wonderful evening and come back often.

  2. I think Tom Selleck has always been the guy who’s mustache does it for me. One of my former boyfriends looked like him..

    • Hi Kathleen O……..Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s great to see you. I agree about Tom Selleck. I’ve always loved his mustache. His and Robert Redford’s look about the same. I like Anson Mount’s too. He’s great on Hell on Wheels as Cullen Bohannan. I’m so sad that the series will end after a few more episodes.

      I can only imagine what your former boyfriend looked like. Very handsome and sexy too.

      I hope you come back again to visit.

    • Hi Cheryl…….It’s so good to see you. Thank you for coming. You’ll get no argument from me about Sean Connery and Brad Pitt. Oh my goodness, those two are so hot! I think Sean Connery gets more sexy with age. Just isn’t fair that they’re untouchable.

      Have a great rest of the week. Hugs!

  3. Oh yes you have mine on here. Sam Elliott, Kevin Costner and Tom Selleck are my favorites of the group. They all look pretty good though.

    • Hi Quilt Lady……Great to see you again. Thanks for coming. You’ve certainly chosen the best. Those men are just too sexy. It’s fun daydreaming about them. I’d like to meet them in real person but I’m sure I’d just stand there tongue tied and wouldn’t be able to utter a single word.

      I hope you’re ready for cooler weather. It sure looks like we might get some.