Jan Sikes: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

For everyone who has followed this Luke Stone series by my multi-award-winning sister, Jan Sikes, you’ll be pleased to know the 4th and final one is out. ‘Til Death Do Us Part is the last chapter and I am really sorry to say goodbye to him and Darlina. Country/western singer, Luke Stone, is really Jan’s husband, Rick Sikes. Although she used fictional names for them both, all the events are true. This last book follows his attempts to return to the stage and to leave a legacy he can be proud of. So many things stand in his way, but he’s really determined. This story needed to be told and I’m glad Jan found the strength to do it. Theirs was a love story for all time. I’m giving away a Kindle copy (winner’s choice) to someone who leaves a comment.

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TilDeathDoUsPart 3DVeteran Texas musician, Luke Stone, has cheated death more times then he cares to remember. He’s been everything from a simple farm boy to a rowdy roughneck, a singing star to a convict and finally a husband and father whose goals consisted of building a home and raising a family…which he did.

Now, with a chance for a second music career, he knows the sand in his hourglass is running thin. His anchor in life and true love, Darlina, stands at his side determined to help make the dream a reality. But, his aging body is sabotaging every effort and the only thing that keeps him going is sheer will power and the love he has for Darlina.

When faced with being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Luke draws on every resource to continue to function and contribute to their home and to society.

This is a story of inspiration, endurance and most of all undying love. When Luke and Darlina face life-altering situations that would destroy a lesser man and woman, they draw on each other’s strength and determination to face them.

But will fate allow Luke to sing his last song?

Here’s a link to all the books: http://www.amazon.com/Jan-Sikes/e/B00CS9K8DK/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

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Home At Last_3DHOME AT LAST – Book #3 of the series

Released from federal prison after fifteen long years, Luke Stone boards a Greyhound bus bound for Texas, for home and the woman who holds his heart. He happily hangs up his neon dreams for a paint brush and hammer. Darlina Flowers has waited her entire adult life to become Mrs. Luke Stone, but will the hardships of starting over with nothing be too much? Their love is tested to the core as the story unfolds.

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ConvictAndTheRoseTHE CONVICT AND THE ROSE – Book #2 of the series

Rebel Texas musician, Luke Stone, loses everything that he treasures with his arrest and conviction for a crime he didn’t commit. Not only is he locked away in a cage, he’s left behind the woman who holds his heart. Broken and alone, Darlina Flowers struggles to go on living without the man she loves so completely. Follow their journey through shackles and chains, drugs and gurus as they fight to find their way to freedom and back to each other.

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Flowers_And_Stone_3D_CoverFLOWERS AND STONE – Book #1 of the series

A hot Texas summer, dim-lit honky-tonk barrooms, a young naïve fledgling go-go dancer and a wild rebel Texas musician sets the stage for this story. Can Darlina Flowers ever hope to fit into this new world and even more important, can she trust Luke Stone with her heart?

Luke Stone, a good man who has made a career of bad decisions, finds himself at a crossroads. Fate has sealed his destiny and threatens it all.

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Jan smallerJan is passionate about her writing projects and is driven to tell a story with the hope that it will touch someone’s heart or life in a positive way. She also releases a music CD of original songs along with each book that fits the time period of the story. Why? Because the stories revolve and evolve around a passion for music.

She’s a two-time winner of best creative non-fiction given by the Texas Association of Authors and she won first place in the Adult Fiction Category of the North Texas Book Festival.

She is widowed, lives in North Texas, attends music festivals and has five incredible grandchildren.

You can contact Jan through these:


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I’m giving away a Kindle copy to someone who leaves a comment. That person can select the book she/he wants. 



Jan Sikes: ‘Til Death Do Us Part — 12 Comments

    • Hi Angela…….Thank you so much for coming over and taking a look. This series truly is a wonderful journey. Jan and Rick’s love never died, even when they were separated for so long. They were soulmates then and even now beyond death.

      Have a wonderful day and wear that beautiful smile.

  1. Wow, I must say you’re post has me intrigued. I have downloaded the 1st book in this series. I shall read it soon. You and your sister are 2 very lucky Lady’s to have one another. I know I will become a Jan Sikes fan and advocate just as I’ve become a Linda Broday fan and advocate. You’re a sweetheart Linda and an amazing friend. Love you dearly.

    • Hi Tonya……..Thanks for coming and so early in the morning. Goodness! Thank you for downloading Jan’s first book and starting this journey. She has evolved into a wonderful writer and knows how to wring emotion from you. I hope you enjoy Flowers and Stone. Thank you for the kind words about me. I’m blessed to have a friend, a reader and a fan like you!

      Enjoy your day and keep laughing. That’s the secret to staying young. Love you, girl!

    • Hi Tretha…….Wow, very happy to have you come over. It’s so great to see you on here and I hope you’re doing well. Flowers and Stone was very good. Even as Jan’s sister, I didn’t know about so much of that because I was busy starting my family and raising kids. This last book brings the story to completion. The ending is very powerful and it made me cry.

      Thanks again for coming. Maybe you’ll win a copy.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful series. It must be so nice to have something in common with your sister. You both are authors and you have each other to talk books with. I do talk book with my older sister but its more on the line of what are your reading and things like that.

    • Thanks you, Quilt Lady. Yes, every Sunday morning, with coffee in hand, we talk by phone and hash out our stories! I am most grateful for my talented amazing sister!! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • Hi Quilt Lady! Yes, it’s wonderful to share writing and publishing with Jan. Unless one of us is away from home, we always talk every Sunday morning. We discuss family issues and all that and then move to our books. Jan has given me great ideas and things to include in my stories. How nice that you have an older sister that you talk books to! That’s wonderful. I love the sharing of minds.

      Good luck in the drawing, my friend!