Jan Sikes: Home At Last

Our family is known for being late bloomers. Though I’d written for many, many years, I didn’t publish my first book until I was 54 years old. An older sister didn’t learn to paint until she was in her 50’s. And my younger sister, Jan, didn’t take up writing until she was late 50’s so I guess fifty was the magic number for us. Although Jan was late getting started, she’s made huge strides with the publication of her first book two years ago. Her second book, THE CONVICT AND THE ROSE, received praise and garnered an award by the Texas Association of Authors.

Jan is writing a true series about her life with country/western singer Rick Sikes. In FLOWERS AND STONE she tells how their paths cross and they fall in love. THE CONVICT AND THE ROSE details his life behind bars in Leavenworth Penitentiary and how she never gives up hope they’d be together again. And the newest, HOME AT LAST, sees his release and coming home to finally marry the woman who still holds his heart. But all is not rosy.

HomeAtLastThe facts are true and the story real but Jan tells it in a fictional way, thus creating a new genre. If you haven’t read any of these, it might be time to start. She’s a very gifted writer and I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister.

With empty pockets and a heart full of dreams Luke Stone leaves behind the nightmare of fifteen long years in Leavenworth prison, not giving it a backward glance. Eyes firmly on the future, he boards a Greyhound bus bound for Texas…for freedom…for the one who holds his heart.

The unjust conviction no longer matters and revenge haunts him no more. Darlina Flowers, the woman who takes his breath away, waits ahead and with her by his side, nothing can stop him. He is headed HOME AT LAST.

Here’s the Amazon link: http://amzn.com/0990617920

Jan is giving away one copy (e-book version) to a person who comments.

Do you have any family stories that would make for great reading?



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  1. Jan’s life story, while fictionalized in her books, is inspiring. I don’t think anyone has written a better, more sigh-worthy, romance novel.

    My best to you, Jan, and the rest of your family, Linda. 🙂

    • Hi, Kathleen!! Thank you for coming over this nice Sunday. Seeing an old friend always brings a smile. You’re so right about Jan’s series and particularly this book. So many ups and downs, sadness and joys. People have a hard time believing that the events took place. They seem far-fetched.

      Congratulations on your newest! I can’t wait to read Robbing Banks, Stealing Hearts on the 18th. Woo-Hoo!! It sounds like two very fun stories. I can always use a laugh and you know how to deliver, my friend!!

      Big Texas hugs!

  2. Thank you SO much, sister for featuring my book on your site! I would love to give a ebook to one of your visitors. Just let me know who to give it to! Love you!

    • You’re so welcome, Miss Jan. I want to tell everyone about this book and the whole blamed series. I’m just so very proud of you. You have such an amazing talent. I can’t wait to see what you do with a piece of fiction. Oh yeah!

      I’ll add an e-book giveaway to the post. Thanks for offering that.

      Love and hugs!!

  3. Hi Jan, enjoyed your story and I guess it is never to late to get started on something. I was in my 50’s before I made my first quilt. I could sew I just never pieced any quilt. Now instead of quilting I have gotten lazy and just read in my spare time but I will get back into making quilts again some day.

    • Hi Quilt Lady! So thrilled to have you. Thank you so much for coming. I think you’re right. It’s never too late. Hey, look at Grandma Moses. She was 78 when she first began painting. Yes, I know you will get back to your quilts one day. It’s in your blood. You can’t stop now.

      I’m glad you enjoyed Jan’s story. Her husband always wanted her to tell about their life but she couldn’t do it until after he passed away.

      Good luck in the drawing, my dear!

    • Hi, QuiltLady. Thank you for stopping by. And you are never too old to learn something new life! When we stop learning, we stop living. Go for it!

    • Hi Jacqui! Thank you for coming. It’s great seeing you. Wow, thanks for buying Flowers and Stone! I do hope you’ll like it. I’m very, very proud of Jan taking up something she knew nothing about and coming so far in just two years. The biggest challenge for her was paring down 30 years into just four books. That was hard, but she did it. The fourth and final one will come out in a few months and it has a powerful conclusion. I do hope you enjoy Flowers and Stone.

      I’m almost finished with Between Love and Lies. I apologize that it’s taking me so long. The problem is my eyes and the ordeal over the glasses. But I LOVE, LOVE this story. It’s so full of suspense and twists and turns that keep me constantly guessing. You’re an awesome storyteller, my friend! And I am immensely proud that my name is on the front.

      Big Texas-sized hugs!

    • Oh thank you SO much, Jacqui!! I truly hope you enjoy it and will want to continue on the journey with Luke and Darlina. I’d be honored if you’d leave a review on Amazon when you’ve finished reading.

  4. Y’all come from a very talented family! Jan, I love Linda’s books, and I can’t wait to read yours. I really love stories that have “truth” behind them somewhere–I think those tales really come from the heart with a depth that can’t be found anywhere else.

    This series of yours sounds like just that kind of storytelling. I’m so glad you sat down and wrote these for the rest of us. I know this will be a great trilogy.

    As far as family stories that might make for a good book in my writing, I read the other day something really interesting that made me think: to paraphrase–any idea is a good idea as long as the storyteller MAKES IT WORTHWHILE. Whew! Did that set my mind at ease! LOL I have lots of great family history–but then, everyone does. So to tell it and make it interesting…that’s the hard part.

    Best wishes for many sales with your series, Jan. It sure looks like a winner to me!

    • Hi Cheryl! So happy to see you. Thanks for coming. I agree about family stories having greater depth. That truth sure makes a difference. I’ll bet you have some doozies to tell. Your background is very interesting. Maybe you should put yours down on paper? I’ll bet it would make for some great reading.

      I’m glad Jan’s books have piqued your interest. She’ll be pleased to know that.

      Big Hugs, my friend!!!

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl! I love that phrase and I totally agree. I have truly loved telling these stories and instead of a trilogy, it has turned out to be four books. I truly appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment!

  5. What a great idea Jan has. This gives me the chance to tell some tales that are only partly true. I’m enjoying your books, Linda.

    • Hi Linda Walker! Wow, thank you so much for coming over. It’s great to see you. We had such a good time at the Literacy Lubbock event. I’m glad you and Mathis sat with us. Yes, family stories are so fun to read. You learn lots of things you never knew. Even though I was there, some of Jan’s incidents are things I never knew.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my books. That warms my heart. Good luck to you with own writing.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing for Jan’s book. Hugs!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Linda Walker. I get asked all the time what percentage of my stories is truth and I tell everyone they are 90% true and 10% fiction. I wrote some scenes and dialogue that were fictitious because I wasn’t there. I have truly enjoyed writing these stories!

  6. I have a pirate in my ancestry. He was French and sailed off the waters of VA.
    Jan, I would love to read your stories!

    • Hi Mel K! Thank you for stopping by to read about Jan’s new book in her series. Wow, a French pirate! OMG, that would be so interesting. You should write about him. I’d sure read it! Back in the 80s, pirate stories were my thing and there were lots of them because they were so popular at the time. There’s just something romantic about sailing off across the open sea and living as you wished. This is just too cool!

      I’ve entered you in the drawing for Jan’s book. Good luck!

    • Thank you for stopping by, MelK. How fascinating to have pirate ancestry! You would definitely have some history to pull from should you ever decide to write. I truly believe you would enjoy all of my stories.

  7. I’m really looking forward to reading this book, thank – you for sharing your story.