How Brodie Yates Was Born

Readers often ask me how characters come to life in my stories. It’s a little hard to explain. For me, it’s like I hear a knock at the door and I open it to find a man or woman standing there with bag and baggage in hand. I always invite them in and tell them to stay as long as they want.

They begin to tell me their story and I listen intently. Their words are only a whisper at first, then louder as they go.

They tell me to write it down and so I begin typing while they talk.

When I first saw Brodie Yates, he was a tiny glimmer in my head. But as he came closer, I could see immense sorrow and loneliness buried deep in the lines of his face. Brodie’s soul was so weary and he longed for home and to see his brother one last time. He knew everything would end for him in Redemption, Texas because he was making a final stand there. The nearby stockade in the Jefferson and the regiments of soldiers made it the most dangerous place on earth, so he knew this would be it for him.

Over time, I saw that he wasn’t nearly ready to give up. He found the woman he loved, Laurel James, also hiding out there. Even though she was engaged to his brother, Laurel gave him reason to hope and to keep fighting to live.

Buried deep down through all the layers, I saw the love he had for his brother, his honor, and his deep sense of justice. But most of all, he opened his heart again to the love of his life—Laurel James. He took one more chance on love, praying she wouldn’t spurn him.

Here’s an excerpt of their first conversation. He was so wounded that she pretended not to know him. But he wasn’t angry. Just hurt. And Laurel was scared to death that he’d ruin the new life she’d tried to build. Secrets have power and hers was the biggest. This is in her point of view.


Perhaps Shenandoah truly hadn’t recognized her. She’d worn her hair loose and flowing in those days, not pulled back in a severe knot on the back of her neck as she did now. Laurel straightened her shoulders and strode into the dining room.

Walk briskly. Feel nothing.

Shenandoah’s intense gaze burned, luring her concentration from the brisk, firm walk she’d planned. The faint smell of leather, bay rum, and cheroots jogged her senses.

Nights when her world seemed less hopeless.

Nights when she first dared thoughts of a new life.

Nights of passion. Her steps lagged.

The crooked half smile disturbed far more than the shock of hair that dangled rakishly across his forehead. Rivulets of sweat trickled down her back. That devilish grin touched a longing deep in the locked chamber of her heart where she could lie to herself and pretend she was worth saving. 

Laurel willed herself forward, a desperate prayer sticking in her throat. She plunked his meal onto the table and turned on her heel.

Not quick enough.

He captured her hand. “Much obliged.  Sit with me a spell, Lil.”

Cold fingers of doom clawed their way inside, wrapping around what remained of her soul.

Lavender Lil. No one had called her that since…. She gave the other two patrons a skittish glance. Their forks never slowed from the plate to their mouth, indicating they’d not heard.

“Sorry, cowboy.” She meant to add the layer of flint. The bitterness surprised her though. “You’ve got the wrong person.”

Shenandoah pulled her into the chair beside him. Not a forceful tug, but one that offered no escape. The gentle touch spoke of remembrance and insatiable desire.

A crack in the floor came under her intense scrutiny.

How could so much dirt get into such tiny places? It would take a good scrubbing to get it clean.

“Nice try. I’d recognize that silky black hair, those violet eyes in the midst of a horde of saints at a church social, the last place I’d expect to find you…even if I wore a blindfold.”

His husky drawl lodged somewhere in the vicinity of her fickle heart. Dear God, for another lifetime, another chance. “You’re mistaken.”

“And certainly if you spoke.” He brushed aside her denial. “I’ve never heard another with your throaty voice.”

She swallowed the lump. “My name is Laurel James.”

Release of his hold gave false hope, for he merely changed locations. She flinched when he cupped her jaw. Damning the touch that bound without rope or chains, she had no choice but follow where he led. His rebel gaze reflected the futility of her lies. Her stomach knotted.

“Surprised to find you here. A bit far from St. Louis, aren’t you, darlin’?”


A loud yell from outside interrupted her desperate plea.

“Hey, you in there! I’m calling you out.”

Jeb Prater. Shenandoah shifted in his seat. A glimmer of disquiet crossed his features before it vanished, replaced by the cold, hard mask of a seasoned warrior.

* * *

This book releases on February 7, 2017. You can order it from any online site that sells books.

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If you could be a fictional character from any book, who would you be?



How Brodie Yates Was Born — 12 Comments

  1. Linda- Brodie Yates has definitely stolen my heart. He is such a strong gentle man, but like you said he harbors deep sadness and his heart. This is simply a beautiful, beautiful story. If could be one character in a book, well one came to mind immediately, Rayna Harper from your wonderful book Forever His Texas Bride. And I’m not just saying that because this is your blog and this is your book, I picked. I’m saying this because she was the first person who popped in my head. She was a spit fire young lady that I could truly relate too, I could see her in me or I should say I could see a lot of me in her. Rayna’s feistiness drew me in immediately I just loved her.

    • Hi Tonya……Brodie immediately stole my heart too. I ached for him and the burden he carried. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. Yes, Rayna Harper had such strength and deep capacity for love. She didn’t back down from whatever needed doing. Just an amazing woman who didn’t let words destroy her. I can see that in you too. You’re a bit of a spitfire when you need to be. 🙂

      Love and hugs, sister friend!

  2. If I could be a fictional character in any book who would I be?… Oooooh such a tough question!!!! But with my love of Western Romance I would have to say I would be an Indian Brave. I find them incredibly strong characters and full of heart and integrity and pride. They stand strong and were are such beautiful men with their long flowing hair.

    Another character I would be is the Cowboy. And let me tell you, you write an INCREDIBLE cowboy! He is sexy and handsome and brave and courageous and determined and strong. He always has a body to die for and I almost always imagine a body with rock hard abs and bulging arms that could just wrap themselves around me like a blanket. Brett Liberty comes to mind from Forever His Texas Bride (not to copy Tonya’s Post lol) but it truly was an amazingly wonderful book! Brett was a character that I fell in love with from the beginning of the series in Texas Mail Order Bride (Book 1 of the Series) He was a strong character and so lovable right from the start. You could feel his struggle as a half breed orphan. I just fell in love with him.

    I can’t wait to read Texas Redemption. I’m so excited!!!!!!!! <— Was that enough exclamation points to show how excited I am? LOL

    • Hi Miss Dale……Good choice. An Indian brave had to be strong and capable in the face of the white man destroying his world and taking his land. I can’t imagine how much that would hurt. Thank you for your kind words about my cowboy characters. I’m so glad you like how I create them. I just write about the men that I’d like to meet and know myself. Yes, Brett Liberty was a very special man. He was gentle and kind but cross him and he can come unleashed. He was so tender with Rayna and would not leave that jail without her. He was man trying to fit into two different worlds.

      Okay, Texas Redemption is on the way. Should be there soon. Hugs!

  3. Tonya Lucas got me started on your books, and I LOVE them. Such interesting characters!! Wish there were men like the ones in you books in real life!!

    • Hi Lori……I’m so thankful to Tonya for getting you hooked on my stories. I’m glad you find my characters interesting and my men ones you’d like to invite into your home. I’ll try not to ever disappoint.

      Hugs, dear lady!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful glimpse into the deepness of Brodie Yates!! All of your characters are memorable and now we know why. 🙂 The come and hang out with you. Great post, sister!

    • Hi Jan……..I’m glad you enjoyed my blog. I don’t think I’ve told you any of this and I’m not exactly sure why. To me this is how they always come. And I always invite them in and we hang out together–even after the book is done.

      Love you so much!

  5. That is a very tough question, I have read lots of western romance and I really enjoy them. I love the cowboys and Indians, and think, If i was born in that time. would I be able to function? i mean if i could live in the west knowing what i know now, then sure. But i really can’t name one charachter to be.

    • Hi Elaine……I’m glad to see you and I’m glad you liked my post. Cowboys and Indians would be an excellent choice of who to be. They knew about the land, water, survival and were strong enough to find a way to get through it all.

      Your book is on the way, my dear. It’ll be there soon. Big hugs!

  6. That is a really hard question. To many to choose from. I guess I would just have to say, that one hero that rides up on his horse and gives me a life of true love and happiness. Tonya Lucus suggested me to you, best suggestion EVER!

    • Hi Karen……Thank you for coming. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Wow, another recommendation by Tonya Lucas! Excellent. I’m going to have to put her on my payroll. Ha! Yes, anyone who offers me a life of true love and happiness would get my vote too.

      Big Hugs!