Get Ready – To Marry a Texas Outlaw!

I’m so happy, happy to FINALLY share TO MARRY A TEXAS OUTLAW with you!  It seems this third book that the story you’ve all waited so patiently for would never come. (A watched pot never boils.) I think you’ll find it well worth the wait. The book officially releases on November 7.

At last, Luke Weston has the location for the man who pinned a federal judges’ murder on him. He’s searched for Ned Sweeney for two long years and finally has his location. He only has a one-hour window before Sweeney goes underground again. He’s riding to Dead Horse Creek when he sees a woman bound and gagged underneath a scrawny tree and covered in blood. He’s torn about what to do but his honor won’t let him ride on.

The woman doesn’t know her name, where she belongs, or how she got there. But she’s mad enough to whip someone.

Deliverance Canyon is close by so he decides to leave her with Tally Shannon and the other woman hiding out and try out what happened to Rose. He calls her that because she needs a name and there’s a row of roses on her collar.

I often think of how scary it would be to wake up and not know who I was or where I lived. You would have no starting point or nothing to relate anything to. What would you talk about? I can’t imagine. But Josie somehow keeps her sense of humor and stays optimistic for the most part. She trusts the outlaw Luke Legend and feels safe with him.

As pieces of her life slowly start to emerge, she falls deeper in love with Luke. It’s at that point she begins to pray she never finds out who she is because she senses it will change things between them. Something tells her that her past is riddled with bad people. She has contentment in what she’s found with Luke and wants to cling to that.

Despite the seriousness of her situation, she is so funny and sweet and I love that. I think you will too. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be a doormat for anyone. She’s quite a fighter.

I think that’s what Luke likes most about her. She takes whatever is thrown at her and finds a silver lining.

This story is full of twists and turns and Luke will steal your heart—all over again. Will he clear his name and get to claim the Legend name? So many forces are working against him. You’ll just have to see. All I can say is you’d better hold on tight.

Many secrets are revealed, and love claimed. By the end of the book, Luke and the Legend family will forever remain etched in your memory.

In Texas some legends are born, some are made…and some are created by destiny.

My Question: If you had one last chance to find a murderer and become a free man or woman and claim what you want most in the world, would you stop to render aid? I’m giving away three copes of this book (your choice of format) so leave a comment.


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    • Hi Tammy…..Thanks for coming. You seem to have a compassionate heart. Good luck in the drawing!

  1. I have been checking daily, just in case it came out earlier than expected. I have already read and re-read the previous ones in the series. I am anxious to see the Legend family realize their destiny. The brave, “survivor” women who will share in the Legend family destiny.
    Thank you Linda for sharing your awesome talent with us!

    • Hi Teresa……Yep, it’s about here. I got early copies though. The best part of writing is sharing my stories with readers. It would be no fun otherwise. I think you’ll like this book and find the conclusion immensely satisfying. All the secrets are out and all questions are answered. Plus, this book will lead into the next series – Texas Outlaw Legends!

      Big hugs and tons of luck in the drawing on Saturday!

  2. Oops, posted b4 I got my answer in. Yes, I would have to help, even if it cost me my dream. I couldn’t live with myself otherwise.

    • Yes, I’m positive if I was tied up and bloody, you’d do everything to help me. 🙂

  3. I’d have to stop to help even if I never got back on the path I was traveling. Good series, Linda.

  4. Good morning Lunda- I’m so excited it’s near time for Luke to make his own appearance in this phenominal book. It’s your best one yet. Everyone’s going to love it.
    Absolutely, I would stop and help someone in need, I think God would be shining down on me and would put me back on the path to help me catch the murderer at another time. God is good and the person I helped out might have been put in my path for another entire reason, maybe to save myself in the long run.
    Happy Release day next Tuesday. I’m so excited I’ll celebrate it with you in person. Love you and have a great week. .

    • Hi Miss Tonya…….I like your thinking. If you give from your heart, God will reward you and let everything turn out. I’m so happy that I’ll get to celebrate this release up there with you!! It’s getting closer and closer!

      Much love and big hugs, sister friend!

  5. I’m so excited for this book.!!!!. Yes, I believe in fate, there is a devine reason she is there. I would never forgive my self if I didn’t help… But then… Like him. I would have to ride and clear my name…. I can’t wait to read this…

    • Hi Tonya Cherry……I’m so glad you came. I know how anxiously you’ve been waiting for this book. You have such a big heart and would help anyone in need. I know that much about you. I’m so happy to share the conclusion of this series with you.

      Hugs and good luck in the drawing!

  6. Yes I would stop to aid someone in need. Because that someone could be me, and I would want someone to help me.

    • Hi Allison……Thanks for coming. I see you have your priorities straight too. We simply must do the right thing no matter what it costs us. And that’s how Luke thought too. His conscience wouldn’t let him ride by. I think you’re going to like this one.

      Hugs and good luck in the drawing!

  7. I love to investigate.So to investigate on my behalf, yes that would’ve the best in both worlds. As the old saying to hell or high water, I’d find the one who said i did it. Thanks for the opportunity to get a new book.

    • Hi Christi…….Ha, curiosity alone would get you! You would have to find out the who, what, when, and where. Your inquiring mind wants to know.

      Big hugs and good luck in the drawing!

  8. I would stop to help. It might be tough to set aside my quest but what can a person do? Looking forward to this book.

    • Hi Susan………Thanks for coming. I’m so happy to have you. I see you’re a person with a conscience and you live your life accordingly. I think you’ll like this book.

      Big hugs and good luck in the drawing on Saturday!

  9. I would be determined to go after what I wanted no matter what, until I saw somebody needing help. I guess it doesn’t make me one of life’s winners?

    • Hi Sarah…….Thanks for coming over. I love having you. I also like your answer. You’re committed and you have compassion. Both are important. I think you’ll like this book. Luke Weston is a deeply wounded hero. He’s been hunted, despised, and beaten down but he still has compassion.

      Big hugs and good luck in the drawing on Saturday!

  10. Hi, sister. You know how excited I am for the world to get to know Luke Weston (Legend) and what motivates him. I shared this on my own blog so maybe he will get more attention. He deserves it! I don’t think I could ever walk away from someone in trouble even if it meant missing my own agenda.

    • Hey sister…..Thanks for sharing my blog! Yes, Luke deserves a lot of attention. He’s waited patiently for his own book and it’s almost here. I know you’d no more ride by someone who’s hurt than I can jump over the moon. You have one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen.

      Much love and hugs!

  11. Squee!! Luke’s almost here!! Shoot, I can’t believe it’s almost NOVEMBER!! Seems like it’s been so long since I met Luke in Sam and Houston’s stories!! I’m looking forward to all of us getting Luke’s story!

    Honestly, I’d like to believe that I’d stop to help someone who needed it, especially if I had the means to do so, and would worry about myself later — I mean, sheesh, if I was already a wanted woman on the run, what’s the difference adding a bit more time to it (oh, yeah, maybe capture and death — that rescue better be worth it! lol. ;0 )

    • Hi Michelle……….Yep, it’s just about here and in your hot, little hands. You’ve waited a while for this. And now it’s here. Your answer to my question made me laugh. But it’s you. You’d stop and worry about everything else later. I’ve got your number, lady. 🙂 🙂

      Much love and hugs! Good luck in the Saturday drawing!

  12. Linda, I cannot wait to read the three part series … and will have to RUSH through the first two to get to the most recent, To Marry a Texas Outlaw. I am such a fan and friend of Jan, and I cannot wait to read your books.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Betsy……..Thank you for coming and welcome. A friend of Jan’s is a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy the series. Book #2 The Heart of a Texas Cowboy is on sale right now for .99. You might get it while it’s down. I hope you like all the books and that they’ll find a place in your heart.

      Big hugs and good luck in the drawing on Saturday!

  13. Congratulations on your new release, Linda. I know one thing for certain; I would never like a hero who didn’t put aside all and everything to save another human being. I see very clearly this hero did just that. I like the name he gave her, Rose.
    I think it would be positively terrifying not to wake up with no past or knowledge of anything about myself, who I was, where I came from, or even my name. Yikes!
    I think TO MARRY A TEXAS OUTLAW is going to be a sensational read. I wish you all the best…

    • Hi Sarah……Thanks for coming! It’s so good to see you. I think it would be really scary to not know who I was or where I lived. And yes, I would have to stop for anyone in need. I taught my characters well. LOL! I’ve entered you in the drawing.

    • Hi Connie……Great to see you. Of course you would stop no matter how important your trip was. I hope you enjoy the story! Hugs!

  14. Linda, you put your characters in some awkward positions. But, they are human and always do the right thing. Thank goodness. Your new book, TO MARRY A TEXAS OUTLAW; sounds awesome! Congrats!!! on your new book. Can’t wait to read a copy.

    • Hi Lois……Thanks for coming. Great to have you. Yes, I am notorious for putting my characters in bad/interesting situations. Guilty as charged. I’ve entered you in the drawing, my dear. Love and hugs!

  15. I am excited that this book is finally here! It sounds like it is going to be worth the wait. 🙂

    I know I would have a lot of mixed emotions, but I think I would stop to help.

    • Hi Cheryl C…….I’m excited too. It’s been a long time coming. I think you’ll like it. Yes, you would stop. Luke had mixed emotions too but he couldn’t keep riding. You’re in the drawing.

  16. I would stop because I believe when you put good out into the universe, good comes back tenfold. Also, it’s what I’d want someone to do for me.

    • Hi Edwina……Thank you so much for coming! Yes, the universe would be furious if I didn’t stop. That would be bad, bad. You’re in the drawing!

    • Hi Theresa…….I’m so glad you came. I think you’re a very nice lady to stop. You’re in the drawing!

    • I think I would hope that everyone would find peace. Even if a person has difference you can agree to disagree. Compromise and respect each other.

      • Hi Cheryl Lucas…….Thanks for stopping by and letting me tell you about my new book. Yes, we have to find that peace inside ourselves. You’re in the drawing!

  17. I would try to help someone in need first.
    This book has a man trying to take my heart from his brother Houston. Cannot wait to find out how Luke fairs in this one. You never disappoint in story development and true detail.
    Just visited the Frontier Texas Museum in Abilene TX where the history in your books came alive for me again. So much of what I read was there to be seen as you told the stories.
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Jerri…….I love Frontier Texas! Can spend hours and hours in there. It’s such an interesting place. Yep, Luke is going to try to steal your heart. He might just do it, but Houston is planted firmly. I can’t wait to see what you think of this book. You’re in the drawing!

  18. I think and hope I would stop, but I have learned you never know what you might do in a given situation until you face it. I love this series and cannot wait to read Luke’s story!

    • Hi Connie……..Great to see you. I hope you’ve been well. I think Luke’s story will be well worth the wait. Love and hugs! You’re in the drawing!

    • Hi Judy…….Thanks for coming. I have no doubt you’d stop and help no matter how urgently you needed to be somewhere else. Big hugs! I’ve entered you in the drawing.

    • Hi Quilt Lady……..Thanks for coming! I always love seeing you. I’ve entered you in the drawing, my dear!

  19. Yes, I would have to stop or my conscience would badger me forever. That is just the way I am made.