I can’t say enough about the talent and scope of western historical romance author E.E. Burke. This lady writes darn good books! I love her series Steam! Romance and Rails. And she’s adding book #4 to the list this week with FUGITIVE HEARTS. She incorporates steam engine trains into each story, adding yet another layer of depth and suspense. The historical facts she includes is only part of why I love her books so much. Her stories are simply gripping, the kind you dig into like a six course meal. I was pleased and honored to endorse this book and have my name on the front. That’s how strongly I believe in Elisabeth. I think you will come to love her too if not already.

FugitiveHeartssmA woman with dangerous secrets and a lawman torn between duty and desire.

“Sheriff…I just shot my husband.”
Hotel owner Claire Daines is a respected member of the community. Until she shocks the entire town by rushing into a saloon wearing only her nightclothes and confessing to very inebriated lawman. Is she a killer? Is she crazy? Or is she covering up something worse?

For years, Claire hushed up her husband’s dangerous condition to guard his reputation. When tragedy strikes, she puts her own life at risk when she vows to keep another terrible secret.

Sheriff Frank Garrity must get to the truth, although the tough, hard-drinking lawman hides his own secrets and would rather walk a lonely path than face his demons. But as Frank unravels Claire’s subterfuge and unlocks her heart, he’s torn between his desire to save her and his duty to bring her to justice.

Part of the series Steam! Romance and Rails
Recommended for fans of the hit TV series “Hell On Wheels”

Do you find books sometime that just need to be made into a movie? You can see the characters as plainly as if you’re watching them on a screen. If so, can you name one?

Another $10 Amazon gift card to one person who comments. I’ll draw the winner on Saturday. Good luck!

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  1. From the excerpts I’ve read, I’m pretty sure “Fugitive Hearts” would make an awesome movie! Can’t wait to read it. I’ve got it on pre-order so I know how I’ll be spending my Tuesday after I get home from work. When I read Elisabeth’s “Her Bodyguard,” I thought of Sam Elliott playing Buck.

    • Hi Jacqui! I’m so glad you came by, and appreciate your support. Yes, I had Sam’s voice in my head when Buck was talking. And you should check out my Pinterest site to see my inspiration for Frank. I’d love to cast the movie!

      I’m also eagerly awaiting your next book!

    • Hi Jacqui! Thank you for coming over. So very happy to see you. I agree with you totally about the movie part. This would make an awesome movie. I have an actor friend who’s worked with some of the greats- Robert Duval, Kevin Spacey, James Garner and Robert Mitchum before he died just to name a few of the men he’s worked alongside. I’ll put a bug in his ear and see what he thinks. Maybe he would know who to contact.

      Thanks again for coming! You’re always welcome, my dear.

  2. Linda, having your endorsement means the world to me! I love your stories, too, because your passion shines through. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Writing with fire and passion? Thank you for featuring me today on your wonderful blog.

    • Hi Elisabeth!!! I’m so happy to showcase your work. And to have my name on the cover of this one makes me very, very proud. It was such a thrill for me when you asked. Your stories are like a fine wine and meant to savored and enjoyed to the fullest.

      Thank you for the compliment about my books. I love the fire and passion remark. Yes, that’s exactly correct about our stories. Readers love stories full of fire and passion and characters with lots of baggage.

      I’m sorry that I’m so late getting on here. I just flew back late yesterday and am still suffering from jet lag. The conference was unbelievable and seeing New York City was a dream come true. I can mark that off my bucket list. I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I never get to go back.

      I have news to share when I get around to it. But for now, I’ve got to try to wade through this mess.

      Wishing you tons of luck!!

      Big Hugs!

  3. I love this excerpt. It sounds like a captivating story, just what I like. I love to see this book made into a movie. I love westerns, and there have been some good new western movies, just not enough of them.
    I will be at your FB party!! Can’t wait, see you there 😀

    • Hi Lesia! Thanks for coming back. So nice to see you. I’m glad you enjoyed Elisabeth’s book blog. I’m just so excited about this story. I know you will love it.

      Thanks for coming to the FB party to help us celebrate this release! That’s great.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing for the gift card. Good luck!

    • Hi Lesia, I’m thrilled you’ll be joining us at the party Wednesday! Glad you liked the excerpt. I’ll be holding a drawing for three signed copies if Fugitive Hearts. Thanks for coming by.

  4. Oh yes I can see this book made into a movie. I love reading the book then watching the movie, usually the book is better. This sounds awesome and I would love to read it.

    • Hi Quilt Lady! Thank you for stopping by. Always a treat to see you, my lady. I’m glad you enjoyed learning about Elisabeth’s new book.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing. Good luck!!

    • Thanks for coming by! Hope you’ll join us at the party Wednesday, where I’ll be drawing for three copies. If you friend me on FB I will send you an invite.

  5. I can easily see this book being made into a movie, but I must confess that for me the book is usually much better than the movie adaptation. I have often wondered, though, how Nora Roberts’ In Death series would do as a mini-series or TV show.

    • I also prefer books usually. My imagination is better even than the big screen. I can live the story, not just watch it. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Cheryl C! Thank you for stopping by. It’s great to see you. This book by Elisabeth would definitely make a good movie. It’s so rich in detail and the characters are vivid and perfectly drawn. I love wounded heroes and Frank Garrity sure fits the bill!

      I’ve entered you in the drawing. Good luck!!

    • I’m thrilled you’re a fan of the Steam! Series. And now you’re writing railroad stories! Can’t wait to party with you and Linda. Thanks for your kind words and support.

    • Kathleen, you old sidewinder you! Glad you stopped by. This is a good one for sure and right up your alley. It’ll be so much fun partying with you tomorrow at the FB party…that is if we can drag you out of the saloon. I heard you’re a bit fond of sarsaparilla. AND the saloon is always where you find the gunslingers and tough cowboys.

      Big hugs!!

  6. There are so many books I wish would be made into movies. Most would be limited audiences, but there are two books I read years ago that would truly make excellent movies that would appeal to men and women. Not westerns but medievals, WITHOUT HONOR and BRIDE OF THE LION by Elizabeth Stuart are both movie worthy. BRIDE OF THE LION would be the best choice. She only wrote 4 books between 1989 and 1995. It is such a shame, who work is excellent. The books are rather cheap on Amazon and well with reading. Action, adventure, love, danger, history, well drawn characters and a well written story, what more could you want.

    • Hi Patricia! Thank you for stopping by. I love it when you come to chat. I’ll have to check out Elizabeth Stuart. Her books sound great. I think Kaki Warner’s first book “Pieces of Sky” would really make an awesome movie. That storyline and the vividly drawn characters are very difficult to forget.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing. Good luck!!

      • I have a couple of Kaki Warner’s books, but haven’t been able to get to them. She sounds like someone I would enjoy.

    • Patricia,

      Yes, I agree re: Elizabeth Stuart. Those are great books. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      • You are the first person I have found that has even heard of her. It is such a shame she stopped writing after only 4 books.