Dusty Richards: Between Hell and Texas

I grew up reading Louie L’Amour, Elmer Kelton and Zane Grey. No one writes better westerns than these and I learned a lot from them. Dusty Richards is another who can spin gripping westerns. And I’m not just saying that because he’s a friend and I have a lot of his books on my keeper shelf. He’s from Arkansas but I don’t hold that against him. Between Hell and Texas has everything I need in a good western–a tough cowboy who’ll ride straight through hell with guns blazing and come out the other side, a strong family and a great setting. If you’ve never read any of Dusty’s maybe you should change that.

Between Hell and TexasTexas Tough. Arizona Bound.

With blood and tears, Chet Byrnes built a life in Texas, only to have it shattered by an ill-fated cattle drive and two deadly family feuds. Spurned by the woman he loves, Chet sets off for new territory. The journey won’t come cheap.

And Ready For Any Fight That Comes.

Chet leads the Byrnes family across New Mexico into a harsh, haunting land. His long lost brother Cagle, after 15 years living among the Comanche, reappears. So does the family’s blackest black sheep. Then, amidst old grudges and new battles, Chet picks up the trail of a killer he desperately wants to bring to justice. The reward is a hearty welcome to Arizona. The risk: dying before he can meet the one woman who’d make it all worthwhile. . .

“Nobody spins a better western tale. If you want to read how real cowboys lived and worked, then you must read a Dusty Richards novel.” –Mike Kearby

“Dusty Richards writes. . .with the flavor of the real West.” –Elmer Kelton

“Dusty Richards is the embodiment of the old west.” —Storyteller Magazine

I’m giving away one Kindle copy of this book. Just tell me who your favorite cowboy hero is. Can be TV, movies or in real life. Let’s celebrate cowboys! 


Dusty Richards: Between Hell and Texas — 6 Comments

  1. Hi BN 100! Thank you for coming by to celebrate cowboys. I think you would like this story. Dusty writes very tough men who aren’t afraid to shoot.

    I’ve entered you in the drawing, my dear.

    • Hi Cheryl! Goodness yes, I do remember them very well! Both were so good looking and made him heart skip some beats each time they came on TV. God never made two better cowboys. They were tough men who could handle a gun very well. And I loved James Garner’s sense of humor. At times he was so funny. Oh the memories!

      I’ve entered you in the drawing!

  2. My favorite cowboy would have to be Sam Elliot. Running a little late this week hubby has been getting catorak surgery surgery gets the other eye done in three weeks.

    • Hi Quilt Lady……Great to have you. I agree about Sam Elliot. Oh my goodness, he is such a great cowboy! Loved him in all those cowboys shows. I hope your hubby is doing well after his cataract surgery.