Ohhhh, I’m so excited about Custom Made Cowboy By Dee Burks! This book is funny and sexy and very romantic. Plus…it’s Christmas-themed. Everything you want in a good romance. I tell you, if I could put Trampas Woodburn under a tree….well, delicious shivers run up my spine just thinking about it. Lean and rugged, he’s one hot cowboy with a killer grin.

I’m giving away three Kindle copies! Just leave a comment to enter the drawing.

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The cowboys of Moreno Valley, New Mexico, can melt rocks with just one ‘aw shucks’ smile. They like their women strong, spirited and independent and that includes ex-rodeo star Trampas Woodburn. Tired of gold digging rodeo queens, he’s ready to hit the reset button on his life as a custom spur maker but the last thing he planned on this holiday season was running into Angie Martin.

Angie has worked hard the last three years to make a go of her little art studio in the mountains of Northern New Mexico and has better things planned for her life than hooking up with a use ‘em and lose ‘em cowboy who wouldn’t know good art if it bit him in the butt. But when faced with the prospect of teaming up with Trampas or being homeless, she commits to enduring the Cowboy Heartthrob just until she gets her art studio in the black or until spring, whichever comes first.

As their awkward truce smolders into a raging fire, Angie discovers that maybe this cowboy is one worth taking a chance on. Trampas is all about keeping it light, but life can catch you off guard and a woman like Angie can turn a man’s mind toward home, family and the future.

When an emergency ripples through the families in the valley it becomes clear to all how very precious life is. Now Angie and Trampas must each decide whether to hold on to their own paths, and old fears, or take a chance and forge a new life together that may be more than either of them dare to hope for.


He dropped his hand. Well, this wasn’t getting off on the right foot at all. Still, he continued to smile and shrugged. “I prefer craftsman. I make custom spurs.”

“Spurs?” She spat the word like a bad Brussels sprout. “You mean like those metal things that go on boots?”

He nodded.

She huffed as if it was the most ridiculous thing she’d ever heard. “Why would Larry do that? He said you were an artist, so I thought . . .” She looked him up and down and then jerked her sweater tighter around her waist. “Doesn’t matter what I thought, I guess. It’s just too much to ask for this year.”

He wasn’t quite sure what to say to that. Ask who? Santa? It seemed to him she might be on the permanent lump of coal list. She obviously had issues. He’d heard one of his sisters say something about being on some kind of meds herself for hatefulness. Maybe this woman should be asking Santa for some of those.

* * * *

About Dee:

Dee Burks is a bestselling author who brings to life today’s true west with feisty heroines and heart melting cowboys. A multi-generational Texan, she now lives in the gorgeous mountains of Northern New Mexico infusing all her settings with authenticity of the southwest while crafting love stories spicier than the hottest green chili!

Her favorite pastime is writing as the snow falls over the Sangre De Cristos, hot cup of coffee on the desk and sweet pup Charley at her feet.  When not writing, she travels the west collecting ideas and indulging her passion for fly fishing.

* * * *

What are you going to ask Santa for this Christmas? Go crazy. Leave a comment for one of 3 Kindle copies. 



  1. Start of a steamy story here. I would ask Santa for one of the handsome cowboys written about today. He could be contemporary or from historical old West. There are so few of them today. I may just be in the wrong places. If he was hardworking kind committed to helping others that would be so wonderful. Being handsome is not required but a plus. I would hope he would know how to treat a lady and the woman. Hole faith love keep us all going.

    • Hi Jerri Lynn Hill,

      There are several places where you can see the real deal cowboy just walking through the grocery store! Northern New Mexico is one of them. It’s as if Longmire walked off the screen with a wink and a “Hello Darling” (yes they really say that!). Its one of the reasons I moved here and I so love writing about that cowboy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy the book.

    • Hi Jerri…..Yes, Yes, Yes! A cowboy under the tree is a must to wish for. I turned in my request early so we’ll see. I’d like one like the Legend men! Oh yeah!

      Love you, lady!

  2. Good morning Linda- oh my this book sounds wonderful and if you loved it, I know I would. Trampas, the name Alone intrigues me, but your description made him really sound heart-throbbing sexy!! Thanks for the recommendation and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Happy Early Thanksgiving, you’re just the sweetest. Love you!

    • Hi Miss Tonya……I’m glad you’re intrigued. This is a short read and the words just fly, leaving you panting, wanting more. Trampas was the name of a TV cowboy who stared on The Virginian. A great character. I’ve always loved the name.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rob, and Casino!

  3. Well I forgot to answer your question:
    I would ask for an all expense trip paid for a week long stay in a remote beautiful cabin up in Montana or Wyoming with a spectacular view, roaring fire and an awesome hot tub to see in while I watch the wildlife roam. You said go crazy so that’s what I’d wish for, after checking prices last year for those kind of cabins, I’ll need to win the lottery to afford such an adventure. Ha ha!!

    • Oh my goodness, I want your gift! Oh man, that would be great! If you get it and need a friend to go along, I’m volunteering!

      Love and hugs!

  4. I am asking Santa for all my family to be well and safe. Oh Linda this sounds like an awesome book. Would love to have to add to my new kindle my daughter got me back in the summer. Lots of love to you Linda

    • Hey, Miss Glenda……I’m glad the book intrigued you. It is very good. Lots of humor, panting, and even a cat. This is such a cute story and it would sure fit your Kindle. 🙂 🙂

      Love and hugs! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. If your recommending it I know I would love it! I hope I win I’m always looking for a new author to add to my list of go to authors! Oh my I would ask Santa for… $$$ or a new vehicle, a 4 door Chevrolet Silverado with my selected options it’s only a little over $60K. (Yes I took the time to build it on line just now! Lol but I couldn’t add the link on here!) I’ve got to keep in mind needing a wheelchair again in the future after all. I need a vehicle that can haul home purchases too big for my Chevy Equinox and I live in the bundocks and delivery fees are just too high. Yeah I’m dreaming and I’m dreaming big while I’m at it. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi, Stephanie……Dee would make a great new author for you to try. This is such a fun story and I think you might like it. Trampas is so sexy. Oh my, that Chevrolet Silverado would look perfect in your driveway! That would really WOW the neighbors. It’s fun to dream big. I’ll put in a word with Santa but don’t know how much weight I carry.

      Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Well I am going to ask Santa for corvette. I known Santa want bring it but at the Chevy house there is a white and chrome ine that I truly could drive

    • Hi Cheryl……Oh my! A corvette! I would love to have one. In fact, it’s been my dream car since I was a teenager. I know Santa is listening and he wants to put a big smile on your face. I hope you get it!!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. What in my wildest dreams would I want for Christmas? Well, first I would like a new US Congress. Fire them all and start fresh. However, since I know that is never going to happen, my next wild wish is a cruise. Not just an ordinary cruise, but a family cruise with all my kids, their spouses and my grandchildren. Of course, I would have to win the lottery to afford the cruise.

    Linda Broday, thank you for recommending this book. If you liked it that much, as Tonya and Stephanie say, then I know I will like it also. And, thank you for the book I won. I will keep that one and Tonya and I are going to play Secret Santa with the one I have. We are having a ball playing this at Christmas time. We just can’t publish it or we would give ourselves away so this is all you will see about it. Love ya

    • Hi Cricket……I just put your book in the mail a few minutes ago. I know what you mean about Congress. I love your dream for a cruise where your whole family would fill the ship and you could sail and sail. This book is so much fun. I think you’d love it. It’s not historical though but I it makes up for it in the hot cowboy. Good luck with your Secret Santa. I’ve always wanted to do that. Fun, fun!

      Big hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I don’t have far to go to crazy !!!! But, when it goes to big wishes for Christmas, besides love, peace, and health for my family and friends, the #1 on my wish list has been the same since my disability in 2001. I have to make it back to Yosemite National Park and see snow there. When I was much younger, my best furry friend, Friski (a toy poodle) and I climbed a waterfall. We would go camping every weekend possible in the Park. He slept in the foot of my sleeping bag. Now that I am furry friend free, I have to make it back. There’ll be no climbing this time but it is at the top of my bucket list, and Lord willing, will happen.

    • Hi Teresa……Thanks for coming to dream with us. I love your wish. Oh how wonderful that would be. I’ll pray you make it.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your dad!

    • Hi Allison……Oh, what a sweet dream. I wish the same thing. I want everyone to stop fighting and get along and be grateful for what they have. Thanks for coming.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Sounds good!! 🙂

    And what do I want for Christmas that’s crazy??? Hmmm….. how about a job on a tropical island that all I need to do is walk around and smile and share some joy? And I live on that island, and it’s *maybe* only got dogs as residents? haha! Yeah, that could work for me! 🙂

    • Hi Michelle……Can I come with you and the dogs to that tropical island? I won’t be in the way. I promise. What fun! My wish for you is that you never lose that beautiful smile and big heart.

      Love and hugs! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Thank You all for the comments about Custom Made Cowboy. Yes, Trampas is one of the good ones with his mind set on a long term relationship, not a quickie in hay loft! As far as the name goes, I was taking an EMT Class at Amarillo College a few years ago and one of the firefighters was named Trampas Woodburn! I asked about the name and he told me his Dad was a big fan of the TV show, The Virginian. There is also a town in New Mexico named Trampas so its a pretty common name in these parts. If you get to visit New Mexico, its highly likely you will run across a cowboy with that same name. Happy reading to you all!

    • Dee, I’m thrilled to tell everyone about your book because it is truly special. Trampas and Angie are perfect for each other. I really enjoyed this story. Have a safe trip to Memphis.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Dee’s book sounds like a GREAT entertaining read! I’d have to beg Santa for more hours in the day so I could have more time to read wonderful stories like this one! 🙂

    • Hi Jan……This book is so much fun. And it’s a short read, which is perfect for this time of the year. Yes, yes, more hours in the day! You and me both. I’ll bet you’re exhausted from ramrodding two little granddaughters for three days.

      Love you, sister! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Cathy…….Thanks for coming. I’m happy I can introduce you to a new author. Dee Burks is very talented and she loves cowboys–especially the modern day ones.

      Happy Thanksgiving! You’re in the drawing.

  12. This book sounds great! (By the way, I have started reading TO MARRY A TEXAS OUTLAW, and it is SO good!!!)

    My wishes for Christmas are simple…health, safety, and happiness for my family.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Linda and all who visit here. 🙂

    • Hi Cheryl C……..Your words bless my heart. I’m so happy, happy that you’re liking Luke and Josie. Those two definitely have the sparks. I love your Christmas wish. Simple is good. Often we get too bogged down in details and overlook the fact that we just need to have the basics and if we do, that’s enough.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! You’re in the drawing.