Clothes For Your Walls

I love wallpaper. Always have. I still remember the flowered kind that covered the walls in the bedroom I shared with my little sister in the 1950s. My mama hung a picture of Jesus in there. I remember that so vividly. I think she thought He would protect us while we slept. The wallpaper looked something like this.


Back then, everyone used wallpaper and it must not have been something only for the privileged like it seems to be now because my parents didn’t have squat. That paper had to be awfully cheap and I remember how my mama and daddy pasted it on the walls themselves.

To me wallpaper is like clothes for the walls.

red wallpaperflower-patternsmall

It can set a mood. Fun? Sassy? Daring? Elegant?

Bordello? Funeral parlor? Romantic?

wallpaper2downton abbey wallpaper








Heart2Romantic Couple

DSCN0170 Books











Wallpaper was the only covering for walls in the old west. If they weren’t wallpapered, they were bare because sheet rock wasn’t invented yet.

In Twice a Texas Bride, Rand Sinclair buys a rundown ranch. Everything needs tons of work and the house is no exception. After he finds Callie Quinn hiding in one of his outbuildings in the dead of winter and hires her to cook for him, he talks her into sitting in the parlor with him. One night while relaxing by the fire after a long cold day, he asks her opinion about how to fix up the house.

Callie tells him she had once gone into a fancy hotel in Kansas City and fell in love with the wallpaper in the lobby. It was a very elegant design in gold. Rand decides then and there that he’s going to put that in the parlor. If he gets the house fixed up real nice, maybe she’ll stay. I think this sample is closest to what she described.

gold wallpaper

Okay….it’s your turn. If you could choose any wallpaper, what would you pick out for your living room?


Clothes For Your Walls — 6 Comments

  1. For my bedroom I’d pick a sky blue color with tiny white horseshoes on it or a small white flowers.

    • Hi Tonya……Thank you for stopping by on a busy Monday. That dream wallpaper for your bedroom sounds really pretty. I’ve only had wallpaper in one house I lived in but I loved every minute. I really wish I had wallpaper on the rooms here. I don’t like the color of paint in my bedroom. It’s kinda ugly and nothing goes with it. If I owned the house I’d wallpaper it. Keep dreaming, girl. You might just get that blue with tiny horseshoes!


  2. My son’s bedroom still has wall paper on it, its dark blue with the star constellation on it. We made the mistake of not replacing the dry wall years ago when we remodeled the house, now I am stuck with putting up paper. They do make a wall paper now that you can paint and I may do that the next time I do his room, if I ever get around to doing it again.

    • Hi Quilt Lady……I’m sure your son loved that wallpaper. It sounds like a boy. Maybe you’ll get your wish one day. Yes, they’re coming up with new and improved wallpaper all the time. I’ll bet you’ll get the energy one day and put in there what you want.

      Hugs, dear friend!

  3. The wallpaper style from my childhood was BIG floral prints. 🙂

    I have wallpaper in my kitchen and my bathrooms. My kitchen wallpaper is teapots because I collect teapots.

    I don’t think I would like to wallpaper my living room walls. If I did, it would have to be a very subtle pattern.

    • Hi Cheryl C……..Yeah, I remember that big floral print design. I never liked it much. I would love to see your kitchen. I know I would love those teapots. I agree with you on the living room area. I’m not sure how wallpaper would look in a room like that with pictures and things on the walls.

      Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. Big Hugs!