I’m a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. I’m a Texas girl through and through and reside in the panhandle. From an early age, I was lucky enough to discover wealth didn’t exactly pertain to money. Though my parents could barely afford the necessities, they managed to instill deep rooted values and a thirst for books. My favorite memories are the yearly road trips we made to California on Route 66 to visit grandparents. We’d stop at museums, trading posts, ghost towns and anything else that held our interest. I’m sure that’s where my love of history and the Old West was born.

I’ve been a “writer in training” my whole life. As young girls, my sister and I became obsessed with books. Many nights long after the house grew dark and everyone else was asleep, we’d lie beneath our covers and read by flashlight until we either reached the end of the book or our eyes got too heavy to see the words. Books opened up entirely new, exciting worlds that seemed limited only by our imaginations. I never imagined in a hundred years that I could create my own worlds. That undertaking seemed as far-fetched as scaling Mt. Everest. But write I did. It took me five years to finish that first novel and it will never be anything more than fire-starter material. With a small measure of confidence though, I wrote others that found their way onto an editor’s desk and then into bookstores.

Cowboys have always fascinated me so it’s no wonder that I love to write about them and their ladies and the struggles they endure in trying to carve out a small place to call home. It took some awfully tough men and women to settle this great country of ours.

I grew up watching TV westerns and hated that the cowboy always rode into the sunset all by his lonesome. I vowed to write stories that gave the cowboy someone to share his life with besides his trusty horse. I wanted him to marry that pretty woman he fell in love with, not leave her behind. That’s what I’ve endeavored to do and I think in that aspect I’ve succeeded. If I can capture one small portion of his grit and determination, that’s an added bonus. I want to show in my stories people who might’ve lived at one time. They’re ordinary, but they have more guts and more backbone than anyone.

Western romance is my passion. I feel truly blessed. Humble roots and the love of family have become focal points in my stories. I sincerely hope readers enjoy the characters and tales I strive to bring to life on the printed page.

2016 Finalist in the Maggie Contest for Texas Mail Order Bride                                                        2014 and 2015 WINNER Judge a Book By It’s Cover                                                                       2011 National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist for Give Me a Texas Outlaw
2010 National Readers’ Choice Award Finalist for Give Me a  Texas Ranger
2006 Holt Medallion Finalist for Redemption
2006 Winner of the Texas Gold Award for Redemption
2004 Winner of the Texas Gold Award for The Cowboy Who Came Calling
2003 Winner of the Texas Gold Award for Knight on the Texas Plains
2003 More Than Magic Award for Knight on the Texas Plains
2003 Winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award for best historical, The Cowboy Who Came Calling                                                                                                                               2002, 2003 and 2005 the TEXAS GOLD AWARD