A Flock Of Sparrows by Helen Foster Reed

For booklovers, every so often, if you’re lucky, you find a gold nugget. That’s exactly what I found when I started reading this book by Helen Foster Reed. It’s the pen name three writers–Helen Myers, Gail Reed and June Foster–chose. The writing is achingly beautiful and the story is as rich as a five course meal. A monstrous winter storm is bearing down on five women who are huddling together like a flock of sparrows, hoping, praying they’ll survive yet one more hurdle life has thrown their way. They’ve already been through a lot. The grief of some is old while other’s is fresh. All are struggling to move on in the best way they know. Conflict between the different personalities, harbored resentments, and secrets revealed make this a book you can’t put down. And in the midst of the chaos happening both with the weather and inside them, they discover commonalities. They come to see that they’re more alike than they are different and that forges a lasting bond. Give this book a try and let this gripping story bring you many hours of reading pleasure.


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Five widows and the storm of the century… 

Flock of SparrowsJust in time to wreak havoc for Thanksgiving, a monster storm from the Arctic blasts south freezing much of the United States. In East Texas, dire weather warnings brings together a unique group of women, all struggling with new and older grief, as well as a host of life issues. 

Retta—determinedly fighting to keep her ancestral farm going, while nature, her children, and time were showing her that a need for change was inevitable. 

Maggie—Retta’s lifelong friend, whose multiple marriages and lust for life constantly leaves her the talk of the community. 

Sybil—after single-handedly dragging her family out of poverty to become one of her church’s most respected women, she finds herself facing the biggest challenge of her life. 

Dana—a promising musical career took an unexpected turn when she fell for a tough soldier. But one too many deployments took its toll on their happiness and, now, her future. 

Carly—a girl from the wrong side of town, she married a man old enough to be her father, which turned her into the richest woman around. But is she the gold-digger many believe her to be? 

In the end, only part of the drama is outdoors. Hour by hour emotional and psychological upheaval grows, as secrets are revealed, until all are forced to understand that sometimes friendship and love needs to be risked in order to reach life’s richest plateaus.

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A Flock Of Sparrows by Helen Foster Reed — 14 Comments

    • Right now I’m reading Caress by Rosanne Bitner and loving every bit of it!

      • Hi Dale……Thank you so much for coming over. I love having you. Yeah, any book by the great Rosanne is gonna be a winner. While Helen Foster Reed’s writing style is much different than Rosanne’s I think you’ll like this book. The dialogue is so witty.

        Good luck in the drawing!

  1. I love to read books that are full of emotion, those books that make me feel what the characters are feeling, those kind of books that I have to interrupt myself to get a Kleenex. And to bring the weather and nature within the folds of the characters’ emotions only touts a wonderful story for me. I think A Flock of Sparrows would be my kind of read 🙂 I’m currently immersed in Moonshadows by Julie Weston.

    • Hi Alice…..thanks for stopping by to chat. This book is long on raw emotion. And I loved the secrets and surprises that come out. Ohhhh, Moonshadows sounds really good. I’m going to have to check it out. Julie Weston is a wonderful storyteller.

      Good luck in the drawing!

    • Hi Marcia…….Thank you so much for coming. I love anything by Debbie Macomber. She just constantly puts out great stories that are so full of heart.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing!

    • Hi BN100……..Great to see you, my dear! So glad you came. Ahhhh, that JR Ward book is great. Sometimes dark fantasy can turn me on my ear. I love reading different genres because I always come away with something new to think about.

      I’ve entered you in the drawing!

  2. Reading A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford….very inspirational, full of courage for women. Taught school with June in the dark ages 1975-1981. She was & is a role-model and I never forgot her love, understanding, and acceptance. I was heading in a dark , depressive stage of my life. Although it took me years to turn my life around, I always cherished June’s friendship & quiet instances of a relationship with God that she modeled every day. We were great friends, just reconnected lately on Facebook. I will forever be thankful to God for putting her in my life…She is one of those sweet, quiet persons who exude love, acceptance, and stays true to her faith. I’m so grateful for her influence and she needs to know the power she has given by God. Would love to win the kindle or book being given away. I do not go back to Mt. Vernon due to it being the one source of sadness & despair. However, I still love many people there!

    • Hi Sharlyn……Thank you so much for stopping by to chat. I loved A Woman of Substance. Such a great story about a very strong woman who had a big dream that wouldn’t die. How nice that you know June Foster and taught school with her. I’m glad she helped you so much. Sometimes it just takes a kind person with a willing heart to make all the difference. I’m sure you’re in a much better place now and how wonderful to reconnect again. Keep those lifelines connected.

      Good luck in the drawing.

  3. I am read The Cowboy’s Homecoming by Donna Alward and enjoying it. A Flock of Sparrows sounds like a really great read and I would love to read it.

    • Hi Quilt lady…….I think I’ve read that one by Donna Alward. I love her stories. Each one is so full of warmth and wonderful characters. She puts so much emotion into her books. And she writes about current issues a lot of the time.

      I’m wishing you tons of luck in the drawing, my dear. Crossing my fingers.

  4. Whose Body? : Lord Peter Wimsey by Dorothy L. Sayers I would love to read it. Sounds lovely.